Make a Wish



Grayson is a very smart and happy 4 year old boy. He loves to swing, play with trains, Thomas is his favorite, and play with his siblings. He is enjoying pre-school and loves to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grayson's favorite book is The Runaway Pancake.

In February of 2009, Grayson's mom noticed that his testicle was enlarged. She took him to the doctor and they thought he may have an infection. Unfortunately, after further testing, it was determined that he had a fast growing tumor attached to his testicle. Surgery was quickly scheduled and doctors removed the tumor along with his testicle and surrounding tissue.

It was determined that Grayson had rhabdomyo sarcoma, a soft tissue muscle cancer. Following surgery, he began his 9 months of chemotherapy.

Grayson is a fighter. His grandmother says that anytime he is told he 'can't' do something because he isn't big enough, Grayson responds, "Later, when I'm big like Drayven," his 11 year old brother. Although very brave, he does not like needles which he refers to as "pokeys." These are unfortunately necessary for children going through cancer treatment.

Gayson's Granda Suzie had this to say about his Make A Wish trip to Disney World.

"We are so excited about this opportunity for Grayson and the kids! It is so wonderful to think there are people who would give their time and money to provide such wonderful experiences for families they don't even know! Thank you so much."

The Maxwell Meiborg Foundation is proud to have Grayson as our sponsor child this year and to grant him his wish.


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